Where in Thailand are you?

We live in the Northern part of Thailand, just outside of Chiang Mai!

If I can’t give financially, are there other ways for me to get involved?

Yes! Go to our GET INVOLVED page to read more ways you can help end human trafficking.

How can i learn more about ZOE & human trafficking?

Read through our website to find out more about ZOE and human trafficking.
If you want more, head to gozoe.org/learn

How long will you be in Thailand?

Short answer, we don’t really know.
Long answer, we sold everything we own––foreseeing that this is going to be a long term commitment. We will be in Thailand until we feel we have accomplished everything we can to help ZOE end human trafficking.

Do you live at the children’s home?

No! We live in a home about 30 minutes from the ZOE’s home. The house parents and caretakers of our kids are Thai nationals, not foreign missionaries.
We are usually at ZOE’s home 40-60 hours each week...


Are you paid to work with ZOE?

No! We are volunteers! Which means we are responsible to raise 100% of the funds necessary for us to live and work in Thailand. We have a group of partners that give monthly, who believe in and want to be a part of this mission with us!

How can I stay up to date with what you're doing?

Subscribe to our email list and/or YouTube channel! We send out monthly video newsletters sharing what we do each month.