We're Actually Here

Over the past year or so, I have been learning the great importance of remembering what God has done. So often, we see God move or do something, and our faith and trust in Him grows; then a moment later, something happens that takes our eyes off of Him and we are flooded and overwhelmed with fear.

It is my prayer and goal to write down, talk about, do WHATEVER I have to in order to remember what God has done in my life. That when I am faced with a challenge, I am so aware and sure of how God moves in our lives, that fear has no hold on me!

There have been so many moments since moving here that I pause for a moment and think, "We're actually here! We are in Thailand, doing the very thing we said we would do." Sometimes, it's in the peace and quiet of our home. But most often, it's in moments where I feel accomplished. Moments when I realize we made a connection or improvement. When I see how God is moving in and through us here. And by gosh! I want to remember all that God is doing! So I want to share a few precious moments with you all...

Cole and I were the ZOE hosts for an Australian team visiting ZOE a couple weeks back. You may have seen my post about the sports day - the ZOE fam played volleyball and soccer, and had a delicious BBQ dinner with the Aussie team. It was truly a blast.

I found myself surrounded by friends. As we were split off into teams, a couple of my favorite ZOE people cheered when we made it on the same team... A moment -- friends, connections. Jesus is bringing us together, in the midst of cultural and language differences, He is making relationships among His people.

Throughout the day, I found myself TRANSLATING between the Aussies and Thais! Now this one is just plain silly... You guys, I am a silly Thai speaker! But God used me this day to bridge connections. I may not know a lot of Thai, but I know enough to introduce two people and help them get to know one another. Cole felt similarly about the day, so I asked him to share some thoughts as well :

Cole : Hosting the Australia team really put into perspective how far we've come since we first arrived. Like Abigail said, translating between Aussies and Thais was something I never imagined I would be capable of – but we did it.

One of the evenings that the team was visiting ZOE we had a worship service and greeting time. If you've ever been to ZOE I am sure when I say "the what is your name song" you instantly start singing it in your head. This time however I was the one playing the song for the new people. I was up there playing drums with my friends. After playing I came down and realized that I was no longer sitting with strangers and I didn't even feel inclined to go sit with the other people that looked like me. I easily found my spot right next to my Thai friends... And that is something huge. To know you have friends and to have a family right beside you, thousands of miles away from the place you grew up, is incredible.

Abigail : I think over the past 4 months, we have been like frogs in a pot with rising temperature. Sometimes, the slow and gradual changes are unseen... I'm not sure what it was about hosting the Aussie team that opened our eyes, but all I know is that Abigail wouldn't have been translating on her own. It is 100% the power of God working and moving in our lives. And that's something to celebrate!