US Consul General Visits ZOE

A few days ago ZOE was honored to host the US Consul General, Jennifer Harhigh. She had heard about ZOE from many different sources throughout Thailand (including the Thai government!!) and asked if she could come see first hand what all the noise was about.

While here, Cole was tasked with photographing the entire event & Abigail helped with hospitality and was able to make coffee for the General and her staff that joined along. This is the second time Cole has been able to take photographs for the Consul General, with the previous photos he took being used by the US Consul and the Royal Thai Police force.

Prayer Requests

  1. Quick understanding of the language 
  2. Continued favor with the government
  3. That our Visa renewal will go smoothly
  4. Finding the right church home and peers to bond with

Current Needs / What We Are Saving For

  1. Time away to get refreshed and rejuvenated to continue working hard each and every day
  2. New camera for Cole as his current camera is overheating in the brutal Thai Climate
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