Settling In

There aren't many ferrangs (foreigners) living in our neck of Chiang Mai, so there's lots of double takes in our direction. Tall, white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed folk aren't common. To say we stick out is an understatement. But I wasn't ready for what happened this weekend...

On Friday, we went to the coffee shop right across the street from our house. It's in a house, so we removed our shoes, as is respectful in Thai culture, and entered. The shop was fairly full of neighbors, drinking their coffee and taking a break from the afternoon summer heat. We ordered our coffee and sat down. And I noticed one man pointing his camera in our direction, but I tried to ignore...Until he came right up next to us, taking more photos. Really? We're that photo worthy?! I tried to look away and cover my face, but we just laughed it off. Now that he's seen us around the neighborhood many times since, I think the novelty has wore off a bit, thankfully! But what an experience! HAHA! 

We're also doing our best to try all the local restaurants and food carts by our house. It's been fun finding our way. We already have a few favorites. This weekend, we also went to the outdoor Thai market by our house, where we will be doing most of our shopping! The double takes were often there too! But the Thai people are so gracious... We're in the midst of learning Thai, so we try our best to practice in these situations. When they hear us try, they work with us so graciously. Giggling sometimes, yes, but they speak slowly, and help us pronounce things correctly. It's so humbling, but wonderful! We managed to make it out with eggs and fruit and veggies, having paid for it all!

As I mentioned above, we're learning Thai! Five days a week, two hours a day - for now! When we start work at ZOE, we may adjust the intensity of our lessons, but we're trying to use this free time to immerse ourselves as much as possible. Its A LOT of learning, so it involves lots of studying and homework! Please pray for amazing retention. We need it! 

Other than that, it's errands and chores. Making our house home.