Week 1

These Thai Hearts are happy to be home.

It's been a whirlwind, that's for sure.

The airport was hard... How do you say goodbye when you don't know the next time you'll be saying hello? We've never had to do that before. We've never had to do any of this before! And that's where the adventure is. That's where our trust in God grows. We sat at our gate, full of peace and anticipation in the midst of this crazy adventure.

Our flight was smoooooth! We slept nearly the entire 15 hour flight into Hong Kong (with the exception of meals, bathroom trips, and walks around the airplane). We had a quick 2 hour layover and relaxed for our final 2 hour 40 minute flight into Thailand. We were warmly greeted by our ZOE family. They're the best. If you've watched the video, you can understand why we've been dying to join them. It doesn't stop there. Since we've arrived, we have not been alone! Each day, a different missionary family runs errands with us and provides our meals for the day. It helps the transition to be surrounded by people who've all been in our shoes at one point. We've been running errands nonstop.

A few days house hunting, and we decided on a beautiful home on the North side of Chiang Mai, close to ZOE. The Lord graciously blessed us with an amazing car (for an amazing price), that we buy today! We've done two trips so far to the immigration office, where we pretend like we know what we're doing... And we'll be making many trips there in the months and years to come. Other than that, we've been buying things to furnish and equip our new home before we move in this Friday! I'm telling ya, it's been a whirlwind. Video of our first week here.

In the weeks to come you can be praying for us as we get our driver's licenses, car insurance, bank account, move into our home, learn the roads, find our local markets, and begin language school. We are so grateful for this time to transition and adjust to life in Thailand. And for those of you curious, we start work at ZOE in the middle of April!

We'll do our best to keep you updated. There's so much happening in these first few weeks! :)