Thank You

For the month of February, our home church is raising money to send us to Thailand. It’s such a blessing to be supported so generously by the place we’ve called home for all our lives. We look around and we see family. People who’ve invested their time and energy into our lives with such love and care. We can say in all honestly that we wouldn’t be getting ready to move to Thailand in 37 days if it weren’t for the Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, worship leaders, youth workers, pastors, and now faithful donors!

It’s impossible to thank you all enough. But THANK YOU!!! Thank you for your wisdom. Your patience. Your safety. Your graciousness. Your support. Your accountability. Your overall investment in our lives in unmeasurable! Thank you for teaching us how to walk out our freedom in Christ! We pray that we’ll now be able to teach many more to walk out THEIR freedom in Christ.


Abigail Jennerson1 Comment