Eight Ways You Can Fight Human Trafficking

We all agree that human trafficking is wrong--and there is something in all of us that is stirred to do something about it. I know this because people ask me all the time how they can join the fight to end human trafficking!
So I thought I would write out a list of ways you can get involved in the fight to end human trafficking (with links)!

  1. Do you ride bikes? Do you spin? Get friends and family to sponsor your miles and bike for freedom! Check out Road of Justice!
  2. Are you a dancer? Maybe not so much? Either is okay! THIS ONE IS FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO HAS SOCIAL MEDIA! Join Dance for Freedom by posting a video of yourself dancing to social media and invite your friends to do the same. 
  3. ZOE needs money to continue caring for our children. Sponsor a Child to help provide food, clothing, counseling, family and so much more to a rescued child!
  4. Cole and I are responsible to raise all the funds necessary for us to minister here in Thailand. So are a number of other amazing people I have the honor to serve alongside. Give to a Missionary and help someone on the field follow all God is calling them to do.
  5. Are you a college or high school student? Join a club or start one on your campus! Declare to the world that this is MyGenMyFight!
  6. Pray. Don't just skip past this one. Add ZOE, a missionary, Thailand, or human trafficking to your prayer list! Prayer is the only way we will ever truly END IT.
  7. Do you shop at Ralph's? Join the Rewards Program and choose ZOE as your charity of choice. A portion of your grocery bill will go directly to ZOE!
  8. Go on a Short Term Missions Trip! Come to Thailand and see all that ZOE is doing and volunteer your time to help us accomplish it.

*** Now you may be thinking to yourself, these are all ZOE? Yes, that's because I truly know ZOE to be reputable, trustworthy and honorable. I see first hand the work they are doing every day to bring awareness, rescue and restore. If you are interested in hearing about other organizations, I would be happy to share some! :) ***

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