We're Starting With Obedience

It’s been hard lately to answer perfectly reasonable with “we don’t know”.

We’re entering a season that has a lot of unknowns. And it’s all scary and exciting. We try to plan and be wise as we venture into this season, trust me. But there are some questions that have remained unanswered. And we wrestle and wonder and try to answer as best we can.

The question we get every day is “HOW LONG will you be in Thailand?”.

And for a long time we would sigh and respond “We don’t know.” But then we added “Well, It’s a two year commitment...But after that, we don’t know,” when we learned that the first answer wasn’t good enough.

We love to have it all planned out, don’t we? To some people, it seems foolish. That we’re just so “young and adventurous”. And for others, like my parents, they just want to know how long they’ll have to be without us. And so, we give the best time frame we can. “We know it will be at least two years.”

But Cole and I have found peace in saying we don’t know. Peace in the fact that we are fully surrendered and fully trusting in God to direct our steps. It was years ago that the Lord began moving on our hearts about human trafficking. And in obedience we’ve chosen to move forward in doing something about it.

I’ll be honest. I like plans. I like knowing exactly what I’m working towards. And for the past couple years, we’ve been so purpose driven with knowing we wanted to move to Thailand. But we still don’t have all those details figured out. We’re just starting with obedience, leaning on trust, and working daily to surrender.

Abigail JennersonComment