Being Educated

"How we see them is how they see themselves..."   - Nola Brantley, Humans Rights Advocate, CEO, & Trafficking Survivor

A few days ago I took part in an eight-hour training seminar on Commercially Sexual Exploited Children (CSEC). It was an incredible time that I got to spend with the ZOE USA Office Staff as we took notes and notes and were inspired by the testimony of Nola, a survivor of trafficking.  

We covered a lot of ground from the causes of domestic trafficking, to the philosophy of restorative care, and the importance of awareness. Nola was eloquent and fierce as she addressed the taboo topics about the struggles and brokenness that even the traffickers and "Johns" go through. It was eye opening to see so many scenarios that all point back to our human desire to be loved and to belong. 

"You can't cause change by attacking one side of the problem..." - Nola Brantley

Nola emphasized that one of the easiest ways to combat the problem is to change the way we talk about it. When we label and box people into a category of 'ugly', 'victim', 'whore', 'worthless', etc. people automatically begin searching out things that affirm the lies they have been told their whole life. I believe this is true for more than just CSEC and pimps, this is true about the human race.

 In addition to changing our verbiage, we need to address the problem boldly. The more knowledge we have about trafficking, the more we can do something about it! Check out the video below that I was able to produce for ZOE International about the potential signs of human trafficking. Please share it around and shine a light on this evil. 

Cole JennersonComment