What's Our Goal?

Two weeks ago today we began the fundraising process! We are so blessed by everyone’s excitement, words of encouragement, wisdom, and support! I cannot tell you the conversations I’ve had in the past two weeks... From “Okay, this is totally weird but I came across your video on Instagram...” to “I saw your video, how can I help?” From complete strangers to old friends! It’s been so amazing. So thank you for spreading the word! Even if we hadn’t raised any money through all of this, (which we have ­ $3000 so far!! Go team!!) I am grateful that Cole and I have been able to have real, meaningful conversations with a variety of people.

Our heart in all of this goes far beyond the finances we are responsible to raise... We hope people are intrigued by our passion for justice, and of course, our passion for Christ. Yes, we rely on and are grateful for the generosity of people like you to do the work we feel God is calling us to. But more than that, we hope everything we do and say points you to God. He’s the reason we’re doing all of this anyways!

We’ve had A LOT of people ask how much we are responsible to raise, both for start up costs, as well as monthly... So we thought we’d share in more detail what numbers we’re looking at here!

For start up costs, our goal is to raise $10,000 for ZOE so that we can pay for things like plane tickets, a car, visas, first month rent, and an emergency fund. On top of that, we are responsible to raise money for ZOE to support us while on the field, in order to cover day­ to ­day expenses such as food, rent and other bills, unexpected costs, clothing, and the necessary evils like TP and toothpaste! Our goal is to be raising $3000 per month by January 2017!

We are trusting God will provide everything we need to do this! And well, we've already seen Him begin to do it! THANK YOU for joining our story. Whatever that looks like!

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Instagram!