Our Story

Not many of my conversations get very far before someone tells me I’m crazy.

“You’re married? How old are you?”

“You’re not going to college?”

“You’re moving to Thailand, why?”

Don’t get me wrong, I love how small talk and getting to know people opens the door for conversations about real issues and the Gospel, but sometimes I question my sanity when I’m told how crazy I am so often. So much happened in the past six years that has lead us to where we are, and it’s hard to cover it all. But I’m going to try!

Cole was my older brother’s best friend growing up, so we were always “around” each other, but when I was in Jr High, starting to (kind of) come out of the awkward years, I began joining their outings. And he suddenly went from my brother’s best friend, to one of my best friends, to my crush, to my boyfriend.

I had first heard about human trafficking when I attended a ZOE fundraiser in 2011. I bought two t-shirts to support and told my mom I was going to Thailand one day. And so we did! That following year, my mom and I went on a two week trip to Thailand that completely rocked my world. I left knowing that I was called to full time missions, and was convinced I was born with a Thai heart. Through the rest of highschool, just waiting until I could move to Thailand, I volunteered at various ZOE events and told as many people as I could about human trafficking and the passion I had to end it.

Cole’s older sister had gone on a missions trip to Thailand and wouldn’t stop talking about “this organization that rescues children from human trafficking.” But when he was asked to volunteer at a ZOE Rescue walk, he started learning more about human trafficking and ZOE and really got involved. When a job opened up at ZOE USA, Cole was told he had to interview. And so he started doing accounting-not exactly the ideal job for a guy who’s MEGA talented in fine arts-but he was working with ZOE, and that was enough. After transitioning into videography-much more fitting for my talented hubby-he was sent to Thailand for a video project and fell in love with the people, culture and ministry in Thailand.

     My senior year Cole and I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Thailand together, and we both felt such peace and assurance that we were supposed to be a part of ZOE’s ministry in Thailand, as a couple. I remember thinking to myself, this is it. This is my husband. This is our home. This is our life. My senior year quickly came to a close, and only two weeks after I graduated high school, Cole proposed and we were married October 4, 2015.

By March 2017, we want to be moved to Thailand as full time missionaries with ZOE International - an organization that strives to reach every person with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and rescue every child from human trafficking.

So maybe we are a little crazy. But we’re hoping to be crazy for God and all He has placed on our hearts.