One Step Closer

I’ve been a bit quiet on here… The combination of the Holidays and our move had us busy! But here’s a quick update.

But this past Monday was a HUGE step forward for the Jennerson fam. We said goodbye to our first home, and moved into my parents house, where we will be for the next two and a half months as we anxiously await our departure! This move is propelling us even closer to Thailand as we were able to get rid of the stuff that won’t be going with us, and we will be saving thousands of dollars on rent in the coming months! We now have more time and money to be with the people we love before the move.

And yet, it is so bittersweet.

Cole and I spent the last night in our home overviewing all of the amazing memories we’ve made, the friends who’ve gathered, and the laughs we’ve shared. We aren’t sad about the things or the house, but the season it represents.

As March 15th gets closer, Cole and I feel the reality of our move setting in more and more! THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!


Other updates :

My last day at work will be February 24th - That’s less than two months away!

This month we spoke at Freedom Church who will be partnering with us. Such a blessing.


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