The First Empty Wall

Cole and I have decided to move into my parents' house at the first of year to save on three months of rent in preparation for Thailand! That means we've got a month to sell everything we own. And that means things are!! Clothing, decor, and furniture are dwindling away... And that lead me to last Sunday... The first empty wall. 

I found myself standing in my living room staring at a blank white wall, just crying... It reminded me that little by little this house is becoming less and less of our home. It reminded me that this world is not my home...and wherever the kingdom of God is best displayed in our life is where our home will be.

I've been afraid to share these moments of sadness... I think I've been afraid people would think our excitement was fake. "If you're sad, then why do you say you're excited?" 

We are filled with such excitement and anticipation of all God will do! And if you've talked with either Cole or I about our move, I'm sure we expressed the sheer joooy we feel! We are SO excited! And yet, as I looked at that empty wall, I felt sad!

This empty wall represents the unraveling of the life we've built here. And although change is exciting to me (especially this change), goodbyes suck! Goodbyes are SO HARD. Whether it be to people, places or things. Cole and I are in the midst of closing a chapter of our life, which comes with A LOT of goodbyes. And tears. And sometimes, that just sucks.

So I guess I'm writing this to say, WE'RE MOVING SO SOON!! But I'm also writing it to say, we are gunna have good days and bad days in these next few months, so please pray for our goodbyes! They're gunna hurt. No matter how excited we are!


Abigail Jennerson1 Comment