As we prepare to move we have found that we get asked a lot of the same questions from people wanting to hear more about what we are doing in Thailand. We figured, hey why not just post some of those questions here so everyone can see! 

And of course, if you ever wanna know more or have any questions that have been lingering in the back of your mind, be sure to shoot them our way!

Will you be paid to work in Thailand? 
No! Cole and I will be full-time missionaries. Which means we are responsible to raise 100% of the fund necessary to minister in Thailand.

Where will you live?
Although Cole and I will be working with a children's home in Thailand, we will not live there! Cole and I will rent a home or apartment on our own! 

So if you won't live at ZOE, how many hours will you spend at the children's home?
Cole and I will be working 9-5 at ZOE Monday through Friday. As well as weekly night events at ZOE and weekend ministry trips on occasion.

How long will you live there?
Short answer - we have no idea!
Long answer - we are currently committed to two years. But we do foresee this being a more permanent move! Until we feel the Lord moving us onward, we'll be in Thailand with ZOE to stay.

Are you selling everything?
Yes. And no. Cole and I are going to fit our life into four suitcases and two backpacks. Which means we're taking clothes, cameras, coffee gear (no joke), and some memorabilia. Cars, furniture, and kitchenware we'll be saying goodbye to!

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